Marathon Swimming in Israel

sunrise over the Sea of Galilee
בוקר של ים וחברים

Galilee Marathon Swimming Association

The role of the Galilee Marathon Swimming Association is to support the challenging activities of marathon swimming in Israel. The Association is recognized by international organizations as the formal authority to approve, document, and publish independent or organized marathon swims conducted in Israel, and to register them in international open water marathon databases.

Marathon Swimming in the Sea of Galilee

Swimming in the Sea of Galilee offers a unique, challenging and profound experience to connect with nature and history. Among its multifaceted attributes, the Sea of Galilee is the lowest freshwater lake in the world, a resting place for migrating birds from Africa, and a cradle of civilization.

It is the water on which Jesus walked and the birthplace of the Gospels that were later spread around the world by the 12 Disciples who lived by its shores. Experience the red skies of sunrise behind the Golan Heights mountains or the passing birds on a quiet morning while challenging yourself in its waters to feel this deep and memorable connection.

Come and swim in this unique place.

עפים בכנרת