?What is required for a Galilee crossing

Swimming across the full length or width of the Sea of Galilee is not a simple challenge. It requires careful preparation and planning. A successful execution of this challenge is the swimmer's individual responsibility.

The role of the Association is to provide professional advice and observer services for documentation and approval of the swim and its registration in the national and worldwide database of marathon swims.

Swimmers who want to take on the Sea of Galilee swim challenge and want their swim to be documented and approved by the Association, must follow these steps:

  1. Thoroughly and fully read the rules of marathon swimming, as listed on the website.
  2. Carefully consider your predetermined date reserved for the challenge. Plan long enough ahead to enable a suitable training program that will allow for physical and mental competence.
  3. The planned date should be adjusted according to the meteorological forecast for the Sea of Galilee. Please note that during the hot summer months, crossing is ill-advised due to the possibility of health risk of prolonged effort in high water temperatures and very hot air temperatures. The Galilee M.S.A. limits the crossings for a maximal water temperature of 29 Celsius (84 F).
  4. Reserve a date for the swim with one of the licensed and experienced boat owners that can accompany swimmers across the lake. The list of boat owners recommended by the association is in the following link.
  5. Please note that according to the changing meteorological regime in the Sea of Galilee, it is not guaranteed that the swim will come out exactly on the predetermined day. The reservation window should be at least five days long and must be coordinated with the boat owner for any last-minute changes..
  6. After signing the contract with the boat owner, complete the required registration forms with the Galilee Marathon Swimming Association. Download and submit the following application forms for the Association and to register the swim.

    a. The membership fee for the Association for 2020 is: 180 ILS, to be paid at the time of registration. Membership fees are not refundable.
    b. The fee to the Association for an observer is: 500 ILS (Length crossing, 20 km) or 350 ILS (Width crossing, 10 km). The payment must be made in advance, up to a week before the swim date. If the swim does not get underway for any reason, the money will be refunded minus a 150 ILS cancellation fee.

  7. The registration documents must be completed in full, signed, and sent to the Association by email, GalileeMSA@gmail.com, at least 45 days prior to the reserved date of the swim.


Proof of payment

Confirmation of payment of membership fee

Waiver Form

Liability waiver

Liability waiver

Medical Form

Medical Form

Medical approval certificate

Registration Form

Registration Form

Request to join the association and to register your swim

Additional preparations for the swim:

Swimmers must recruit an appropriate and experienced support crew. At least one support member will be required to be on the escort boat at all time during the crossing (not including the boat crew and the observer). Crew members may also be support swimmers who will swim alongside the swimmer in accordance with marathon swimming rules.

A travel plan must be set according to the scheduled week of the swim. For overseas travelers, it is recommended to arrive at least two days before the swim window begins in order to adjust to possible climate differences and jet lag.

Accommodations can be booked directly with hotels and guest houses in the communities around the Sea of Galilee. Recommended accommodations are listed in the following Link.

Contact the Galilee M.S.A at least one week ahead of your travel with the information regarding your travel dates and your accommodations.

Make sure that every swimmer comes with all the equipment required for the swim, including nutrition and hydration supplies.

List of approved standard equipment for the swim:

    • Swimsuit: textile.
    • Swim cap: latex or silicone
    • Goggles, earplugs, nose clips
    • Safety lights for night swimming (two for each swimmer)
    • Sunscreen, grease
    • Nutrition and hydration supplies